In many ways 2023 was a building year for Cumberland, as we continued to integrate our newest products, while also delivering several significant achievements. 

We took a fresh look at our mission statement during the year and refined it to better capture the spirit of what we do each day at Cumberland Pharmaceuticals. It now reads:

Working together to provide unique products that improve the quality of patient care.

We also shared a number of other exciting updates in 2023, including growth opportunities for our portfolio of brands:

  • Following the FDA’s approval to expand the labeling for Caldolor® in May, our non-opioid agent may now be administered for the treatment of pain and fever in patients 3 to 6 months of age. 
  • This expanded use was further supported by the publication of positive results from a clinical study investigating the safety and pharmacokinetics of Caldolor in newborns. We are thrilled to extend Caldolor’s labeling for these youngest of patients.
  • Additionally, we shared the results of the first pediatric study investigating the safety and pharmacokinetics of our Vibativ® product. The results suggest that a single dose of Vibativ can be safely administered to children to fight certain serious skin and lung infections.
  • Meanwhile, we completed the expansion of our oncology sales division as we work to deliver our newest brand, Sancuso®, to cancer patients.  
  • Throughout the year we continued to work with our partners in their efforts to register and launch Vibativ in several international markets, which should provide significant future catalysts for the brand.
  • We also continued to advance our pipeline of new product candidates through a series of Phase II clinical trials evaluating ifetroban for patients with a series of unmet medical needs. We were excited to announce that we obtained FDA clearance of our application for a Phase II study in patients with idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis.  
  • We updated our sustainability metrics. Key findings for 2023 include Cumberland’s providing 3 million doses of our products to patients, safely disposing of nearly 6,000 pounds of damaged and expired products, and having no products recalled and no clinical trials terminated due to failure to practice good clinical standards.

Overall, it was a successful year, and we are encouraged by these important accomplishments, which would not have been possible without the dedication of our incredible team. I would like to thank everyone at Cumberland for their valuable contributions. We look forward to a successful 2024.