As the novel coronavirus has swept across the country, we have noted the profound changes affecting the economy, health care, employment and our daily lives.

We have taken actions to protect our employees, secure our supply chain and support the patients who can benefit from our medicines. We continue to monitor this health and economic situation to maintain our employees’ well-being while keeping our company sound and secure.

Last quarter, we announced several national initiatives to help medical facilities treat patients with the conditions associated with COVID-19 infections – such as pneumonia, high fevers and electrolyte imbalances. Our efforts included offering special supply arrangements to help hospitals access our acute care brands during this healthcare emergency.

Below is a summary of Cumberland’s other activities:

- We launched our FDA-approved Next Generation Caldolor® product, featuring a ready-to-use formulation in a pre-mixed bag that saves users time and money.

- We prepared to launch our recently FDA-approved RediTrex® line of injectable methotrexate products. The launch is expected later this year.

- We announced topline results for our study of Caldolor in newborns. Our intravenous ibuprofen product was well tolerated in these young patients. 

Our thoughts go out to those who are suffering, especially individuals facing life-threatening conditions and loss of employment. We would like to acknowledge and thank our team for their fine efforts so far in 2020. We are managing the company through difficult times, but we are also hopeful as the country begins to reopen. We remain dedicated to our mission of advancing patient care through the delivery of high-quality medicines.