The novel coronavirus continues to affect our lives over a year after its arrival in the United States. However, given several recent developments, we are hopeful for a brighter future: More than 100 million Americans have been fully vaccinated, new cases are declining, the weather is warming and an overall reopening of our country is underway.


Throughout the pandemic, we encountered the most challenging operating environment we have ever faced. Fewer patients sought elective surgeries and our access to medical facilities was limited, affecting our business and clinical studies. These challenges led us to adjust our market strategies, retool our sales communications and reinvent how we operate.


Fortunately, our diversified product portfolio helped to mitigate the negative effects of the pandemic on our company. We plan to strengthen this portfolio in 2021 by:


  • Expanding the use of our FDA-approved brands to additional patient populations
  • Developing several new product candidates that address poorly met medical needs
  • Building a long-term pipeline of earlier-stage biopharmaceutical candidates through university collaborations at Cumberland Emerging Technologies
  • Acquiring additional marketed products and late-stage development product candidates in our target medical specialties


Thanks to our team for their hard work and outstanding efforts over the past year. We remain committed to advancing our mission of improving patient care through the delivery of high-quality medicines.


Here’s a look at Cumberland in the news from the last quarter: